Cheapest Prices Anywhere Professional Auto Technician - Winston Salem

Cheapest Prices Anywhere Professional Auto Technician — Winston Salem

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Professional Auto Technician with a Technical Degree, 27 Years experience. Searching for good trusting customers who want to save money WITH AN HONEST TECHNICIAN. I passed those ASE tests twice and can do it again when the time comes. At this point, my honest skills and experience over ride this need to be tested.

Speaking of ASE TESTING....Did you know that ASE only requires a technician to have two years of experience in the field. This means he could be a lube man or parts counterman who works for a recycler...THIS DOESNT SAY MUCH ABOUT THE TESTING PROGRAM AND WHO IS PROPERLY QUALIFIED.

Do you know who is working on your vehicle at the shop you take your vehicle too? Probably not because you deal with a Service Writer. You have the right to watch and ask about who is working on your vehicle. Do you know that there is not enough trained Auto Technicains in Arizona to hire? These owners have to hire untrained mechanics and hope they can do the work right. YOU ALSO HAVE THE RIGHT TO ASK FOR YOUR OLD PARTS AND INSPECT THEM AFTER THE REPAIR. This company leaves all old parts in your vehicle for you to inspect and dispose of them.

My service rates are $35.00 for general repairs and $45.00 an hour for Heavy line repairs. If the repair job requires the use of a hoist, then that amount is added to the final bill. Most of my repairs can be done at your location without making a mess of your driveway. If you know what flat rate means at $35.00/$45.00 per hour-THAT IS VERY INEXPENSIVE!!

I own the same software and technical support those big shops use to do estimating. You won't find very many technicians with this software, so I urge you to be careful who you select to repair your vehicle. If they do not have access to the technical service bulletins like I do, they could be doing repairs wrong on your vehicle and you could end up with more problems then you want to have down the road. I AM A MEMBER OF THE INTERNATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIANS NETWORK. (IATN)

Below is MY EVERYDAY, ALLDAY RATES. Parts not included. My services come with a One Year Warranty on all Parts and Labor.

I would prefer not to install used parts because used parts never last long if they are electrical related. Please understand I did not diagnose the vehicle and if the repair is not completed properly, this is not my fault. If you want to pay me to diagnose the problem, then I will charge a small fee to do so.

I do not want to discourage you but with the prices the way they are for fuel, I must have a $25.00 inspection labor for a trip to anyone's house within 15 miles OR $35.00 for 15 to 30 miles and $45.00 for 30 to 45 miles is my maximum travel from lower Scottsdale. I use to do free inspections but customers were having me diagnose the problem, then have a family member or a friend do the repair and I lost that labor for my time. I WILL REMOVE THIS SERVICE CHARGE IF YOU HIRE ME TO DO THE REPAIR.



Replace Headlamp Bulbs-$10.00

Replace self adjusting tensioner style Serpentine Belts-One for $25.00, Two for $40.00. ADD $10.00 to each for mechanical style.

Clean Battery and cables-$10.00

Replace both Radiator hoses-$20.00 each or $35.00 without flush....$25.00 with flush. Free replacement labor with any Radiator replacement.

Replace Front Brake Pads $45.00 with combination below. Clean and lube slides incl.-DONT LET SOMEONE UNQUALIFIED REPAIR YOUR BRAKES.

Replace Rear Brake Pads $50.00 with combination below. Clean and lube slides incl.

Comb-Replace Rotors add $10.00 pair OR Refinish Rotors at local shop $20.00 each. Caliper hardware may be needed also.

Rear Brake Shoes $55.00 pair, all Rear Drum repairs will require new spring hardware.

Refinish Drums $20.00 most applications.

Master Cylinder-$30.00 to $65.00. Includes flush fluid per factory requirements.

Tune Up-Spark Plug replacement only AND computer scan included in Tune Up. This computer scan is the only way to determine if the computer is reading parameters properly.

Tune up parts suggested are Spark Plugs, Wires, Fuel Filter, Air Filter and PCV. Included is throttle body cleaning, check for vacuum leaks, battery testing and general visual engine inspection. Free Computer scan with Tune Up. A typical Tune Up can run between $50.00 to $100.00 for generic parts. Name brand always cost more.

-3 cylinder $50.00 plus parts

-4 cylinder $55.00 plus parts

-5 cylinder $60.00 plus parts

-6 cylinder $75.00 plus parts

-8 cylinder $80.00 plus parts

-10 cylinder $95.00 plus parts

Add replace Fuel Filter with Tune Up $25.00 under car, in tank by flat rate.

Add replace Ignition Wires with spark plug replace 3/4 CYL-$30.00, 5/6/8 CYL-$35.00, 10 CYL-$45.00 some applications do not apply.

Add replace Air Filter and PCV-No charge for most if easy access. Uneasy

access is completed by book time.

Add for Compression Test during Tune Up-$5.00 each cylinder. Tell me this

before I purchase the parts for your vehicle. so i can bring this tool with me.

Computer Scan for verification of Check Engine light $20.00 without Tune Up.

Axle Shaft Replacement $55.00 for short shaft/$65.00 for long shaft or $115.00 for both sides. Add for carrier bearing interference.

-Add $10.00 to replace each damaged boot.

-Add $10.00 for replacement of Axle Shaft Seal on Transmission. Every shaft that is pulled, get this seal replaced.

Replace Lower Ball Joints, most FWD cars can be done under $100.00-non pressed.

Replace most Starters $55.00 some imports done by flat rate.

Please reply with the Year, Make, Model, Body Style and Engine size of your vehicle. Your name and

area you live in and phone number will help too.

At the price I am charging for my rate, you won't find many guys doing the quality of repairs I do for this price here in Charlotte.

Maybe you know some poor family woman who can't afford to fix her car at a local shop? Now she can, just send me her name, number and info about her car and I will call her.

Lastly, please be patient and give me time to reply. I post one ad a day in three catagories and I get alot of emails BECAUSE I AM THE MOST HONEST AND LOWEST PRICED PROFESSIONAL TECHNICIAN with over 27 years experience on CRAIGSLIST. The quality of my services earns me customers, so I am not sitting at the computer all day. It is tough to find an honest technician like me and that keeps me busy. I AM WILLING TO NEGOTIATE FOR OTHER SERVICES AS WELL.


Thank You for stopping in, lets do business soon. 704-577-1483

  • Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States